Crear Empleos que Dignifica

aquellos que buscan superarse

Crear Empleos que Dignifica

Empleos que dignifica

Crear empleos que dignifica y negocios rentables para los que necesitan apoyo para lograr sus metas económicas. Quieres colaborar con nosotros en nuestros esfuerzos para promover una diferencia en nuestra sociedad? Invierta con nosotros y recobre tus inversiones con creses, ganancias positivas. Invertimos en proyectos que promueve la superación individual y colectivo. Aquellas personas que buscan superarse económicamente y socialmente, proponemos darle nuestro apoyo hasta donde nuestros recursos nos permita.

Do you want to make a real difference? … Help us make Panama a better place for everyone!
Lack of dignified shelter, access to sustainable livelihoods and jobs, and … to make real progress, coordination problems, excessive decentralization, and weak …While job sharing represents a good start, this crisis calls for a more concerted investment in people.

There is more than enough work to be done in our communities. What is needed now is a transformative commitment to creating work through expanded training and education for growing fields, public works projects, incentives for companies that hire and train the unemployed, and extensive and accessible support for the unemployed.

It is time to put aside partisan politics and come together as a community to create a society in which dignified work is a human birthright.

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